The cover is made of a soft and elastic premium quality fabric selected for its touch and its ability to release the pressure that transmits moisture from the body. It keeps you cool almost all the time.

The 3D fabric of the botton cover  provides greater ventilation of the internal foam, which makes the qualities of the inner layers provide a better rest. The  cover has a zipper which makes it easy to remove and clean.







 Two premium foams to choose

 Choose the firmness that best suits your rest simply by flipping your topper. You can choose between memory foam or HD foam varying the density and firmness to suit  to your pleasure and environmental conditions. Core height: 6.5 cm. Total height 8 cm.


-Memory Foam  Neropur®

Memory foam Neropur®: maximum comfort for your dreams. Sensitive to temperature Pressure identifier and “lightener”. This innovative polyurethane material with a viscous touch is able to adapt to the shape of your body, distributing the load all over and offering a correct position with minimal pressure on the body.

– Density 50 kg_110lb / m3

– Hardness 0.90 kPa


-HD Foam Neropur®

HD Neropur® foam provides high durability support that takes care of rest and keeps the spine straight. Its open cell technology ensures greater breathability and moisture exchange.

– Density 60 kg_132lb / m3

– Hardness 2.70 kP


Neroli is one of the names that are attributed to the essential oil of the orange blossom, which is very difficult to extract (for 1 kg of neroli oil, about 1,000 kg of flowers are needed). It is one of the most appreciated oils in the world for its therapeutic properties and pleasant fragrance. This oil has been introduced into the foam “Neropur” to ensure a restful renewal since it exerts a calming action and restores mental balance. It is a perfect ally for cases of nervous tension, insomnia, stress, etc.




The structure of the headrest works with two regulating hinges that allow it to be raised to different heights  till reaches 48º. Lift it to the 50ª position to unlock it and lower it to the  initial position (0º). Once you are in the initial  position, the hinge will activate again and you can raise the headrest back to the position you wish.

Structure non-intrusive, you will not know where it is under the topper.

Each of the two hinges of the headrest has a power of 100 N.m. It means that they support a weight of up to  222Lb/100 kg each. Therefore, it will support without any problem the weight of your head while lying down.
Compatibility with the height of your mattress:

From 7 “(18 cm) to 13” (33 cm).